dynamicsoar's log


ORS Dragonfly 4.1: "Keep same geometry" crops your slices (Z-direction) as well as XY, so be careful

In ORS Dragonfly Image Loader, there's an option Import another dataset… which is useful if you need to load more than 1 dataset with different settings, e.g., different cropping. If you do that, the cropping ROI is reset every time. Sometimes you may want to start from the same ROI, which is possible with Keep same geometry… option. And I though "oh this is convenient." However, this option must be used with caution.

Imagine you at first loaded 100 slices (images), set the cropping ROI, and turned on both Import another dataset… and Keep same geometry… options. Then you tried to load 300 images this time. Adjusted the cropping ROI. Done. What happens is quite surprising (to me at least). The 1st dataset is intact. The 2nd dataset loads only the first 100. This is presumably because the software "tried to keep the same geometry." But somehow I thought that only applies to XY geometry. I never imagined that some slices were not loaded w/o any caution or warning at all. But it seems to me this is the current behaviour. I already reported this to the developer so it might be changed in the next release. Until then, be careful when you use the option...