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Standalone ANSYS Fluent launched directly from Windows is (slightly?) different from Fluent launched from WorkBench


I've been thinking they are identical and have never launched the standalone Fluent, but no, they are not. At least in a few ways.

I was doing a tutorial on VOF + dynamics + dynamic mesh (fl00392). And I stumbled upon that in Autosave I could not find the File Name entry field at all. I googled and found out this page: https://www.eureka.im/4622.html . I know obviously this is one of the fishy web sites, but that doesn't matter this time. What matters here is:

In the stand alone FLUENT 12, we will see the file name option.

What!? Is it different from the Fluent launched from WorkBench (WB)? Oh it must be simply because it was ancient version 12, whereas we now live in the version 18, 19, or 2019. Let me see... (closed the WorkBench launched the Fluent 19.1 from Windows Start Menu...) Oh, dear, this is different!

  • You can specify the root-name for Autosave. If you're familiar with standalone Fluent, you may think "Oh, even in the WB Fluent, you should be able to specify the root-name via TUI." NO. Even in the TUI, the /file/auto-save shows only four commands and "root-name" is missing in the WB Fluent. So obviously what we usually use on clusters (supercomputers) are standalone Fluent as they allow us to specify root-name.
  • If you're familiar with WB Fluent, you know that it's not Read/Write from File menu but it's Import/Export which are the commands for case and data files, even though the journal file commands are read-case-data and write-case-data. However, in the standalone Fluent, they indeed are called Read/Write. Wow.
  • I'm pretty sure there will be many other differences, some of which might be important.
  • I still cannot find the "Specific Dissipation Rate (omega)" in the Data File Quantities even in the standalone Fluent. Probably a bug?

So... be careful guys.


WorkBench (WB) から立ち上げた Fluent と Windows から直接立ち上げた Fluent は同じものだと思っていたが、実は少し違った。たとえば、autosave するときの root-name(foo-001.dat みたいなやつの foo の部分)を WB Fluent ではなぜか指定できない(TUIから行ってもコマンド自体がない)のに対して、standalone Fluent では指定できる。他にも一部メニューが違ったりするのは確認した。なんかいろいろと違うことが他にもありそうで、やめてほしい…