dynamicsoar's log


Fluent: write-settings & read-settings are extremely useful

I'm pretty sure you're tired of repeating the same (or similar) settings for loads of computation cases. At some point you noticed that you can use "Duplicate" the Fluent module in workbench. Yes it's useful. But there's an even better way: settings.

After setting up the Fluent and just before you run the computation, go to TUI window and type


then you'll be prompted for a file name. Type a name such as "my_settings.ini" then it'll be saved in your working directory (such as D:\my_project_files\dp0\FLU-1\Fluent\ ).

Now you can close the Fluent without saving. Open it again, and go to TUI window, and type in


and when asked type "my_settings.ini" Voilà! All the settings such as turbulence model, boundary conditions, etc. are recovered.

This is not only useful in the desktop mode but also for the computations on the HPCs with journal file. Within the journal file, you can now simply read the mesh file, read the settings, initialise the flow field, setup the Data File Quantities and Run. For example you can try many different meshes, or you can easily change the inlet velocity in the journal file, etc. Alternatively you can directly edit the setting file (which is a text file with Scheme syntax).