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ANSYS FE Modeler was "undocumented" (removed) in version 19.1

I've been looking for the FE Modeler in version 19.1 and never found it. Uninstalling & reinstalling a few time --> no success. Then, I found that in their release note, it says:

1.8. FE Modeler As we previously announced, FE Modeler has now been undocumented at Release 19.1 because newer ANSYS technologies, such as External Model, have made the FE Modeler application obsolete

Oh... so the External Model should have the similar function... I'll try.

Well, I have never expected a drastic change such as removing a module ("Toolbox") can happen between the 0.1 version difference, which I regarded as minor version up... but for ANSYS it's normal. We should be careful...

日本語: FE Modeler は version 19.1 から消えている。インストールのミスとかではなくて公式が削除した模様。代わりに External Model というのを使えといっている。